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Feng Shui Products

Feng shui is a skillful combination of science and art and the ancient Chinese practice dates back to more than 300 years. Symbolism Feng Shui is a particular part of Feng Shui practice, which is related to awareness symbols that can enhance luck and also to know how right positioning can give you and your family the highest benefits. The right placement of these objects as per Feng Shui, greatly affect chi. Display of Feng Shui symbols in homes is due to the belief that these symbols can be very helpful in life, as these can create good fortune, unity, well being, happiness and wealth.

With the help of these same symbols of love as used centuries ago in China, you can easily attract a partner and can develop a bond of unconditional love, the love energy can be revitalized, and you will feel abundant romance in your life. Let’s discuss some symbols which have been commonly used for several years by Feng Shui followers, to improve marriage or current relationship and for enhancing love luck:

Mandarin Ducks – A pair of mandarin duck is an effective symbol of a successful marriage full of love. These duck mate for life and so represent these meanings – mostly they never find another partner as they feel that have lost their soul mate. The lifestyle of the Mandarin Duck in Feng Shui holds high regard as an effective expression of the love between couples who are married. Singles can find their true love with the help of Mandarin Duck pair. Married can keep the marriage stable with the pair of Mandarin Ducks. For reaping its benefits keep the pair of Mandarin Ducks close to you. More feng shui 2014 products like the flying star is explained in details.


Rose Quartz – Love luck and Rose Quartz has a strong relation. It offers number of Feng Shui benefits for different love aspects and is known as the “Love Stone”: singles can find their life partner, quality of a current relationship can be enhanced, marriage issues can be fixed, and romance can be infused into the life. Self love can also be developed which is the basis of all types of love.

Double Happiness Symbol –In feng shui practice this symbol is used widely for everlasting happiness. It is a combination of two Chinese symbols and is put together in such a way that these are next to each other, for “happiness”-the word. Among married couple this is said to be an inseparable love for each partner and manifestation of joy; with the help of two lines it is shown which link the characters. For married the relationship can be strengthened with the Double Happiness Symbol while singles can find their true love. The Double Happiness Symbol can enhance both emotional and physical love.


Mystic Knots – Love knot also called “infinity knot” or “lucky knot” for creating endless love has been in use for centuries. It is that this symbol can bond partners together for life and smooth sailing in the relation is guaranteed.

Peonies – Another name is “Mou Tan”, it is China’s national flower. Even you can find its use in literature for attracting love luck and stimulating romance. In Chinese, refer to this flower as the queen of all flowers and it is also called the “Flower of Riches and Honor”.

Dragon and Phoenix – This pair represents perfect balance between female and male; while the Dragon is a symbol or icon of the effective potent male Yang, the Phoenix realize that the female Yin is powerful. The courageous Dragon’s power and graceful Phoenix are in ideal harmony. The unity of this pair is forever, and this is an excellent example of wedded bliss as well as the ideal environment for having and raising offspring.

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Feng Shui products helps in enhancing various aspects of life and so there are some that can improve wealth luck. There are some common products that are listed below with the help of which one can achieve abundant fortune and riches.

Increase Wealth With These Feng Shui Products

Wealth Ship – Place it inside the home as a wealth ship full of gold jewels and coins is considered as an icon of a successful venture. With the wealth ship you can expect Feng Shui benefits like increase in income and material gains.

Wealth Pot – For centuries many vessels have been used in order to hold or contain wealth and represent unlimited as well as endless flow of fortune; bowls, vases, pots and plates are some of them. When you fill a Wealth Pot with precious jewels or treasures, you are actually representing a steady flow of luck and business towards your family and you.

Wealth Inviting Crystal Trees – Another special structure for bringing fortune. This bonsai-like tree has copper branches with dangling crystals and a resin trunk, can be a beautiful display. You can also display the crystal gem tree for increasing sales and income, in your office or workplace. The best locations for placing it in the workplace are lobby, reception, desks as well as beside registers of cash. You can ensure gain in wealth forever by involving in this practice.

Wealth God – In Chinese homes this is quite commonly used, “Chai Sen Yeh” is a major symbol or icon of flowing good luck, and prosperity. During the lunar year there are different festivals in which the presence of him in their home is honored. Chinese worships God of Wealth and they hope that their God will never obstruct to bless them with good fortune, wealth luck as well as material benefits.

Money Frog – This animal of wealth luck is auspicious and it is called as “Three Legged Toad” or “Chan Chu”.  For increasing income it is considered best. It is believed that on every full moon he appears in homes in order to present families with luck and prosperity. The best way to make the most from his blessings is to display the Money Frog in noticeable places in the office or business place like next to v and reception.


Pi Yao – Another name is “Pi Xie”, it is a little creature considered good for desired jewels and treasures. There is no anus in Pi Yao, so it is a belief that fortune will be ingested only and it will never be released. Due to this belief many followers of Feng Shui keep the Pi Yao in homes.

Citrine – There is another name for citrine given by avid Feng shui followers i.e. “Merchant Stone”, in the ancient China this special stone was used in order to gain the Feng Shui benefits of fortune, prosperity and abundance. The effectiveness of citrine during the Period 8 (2004 – 2024) will be more effective and it increases income and enhances business success.

Gold Ingots -These “Yuen Bao” were considered as the source of money in ancient times among Chinese government officials and emperors. Due to this, as per Feng Shui gold ingots are an effective symbol of endless and everlasting wealth; mostly they are displayed in wealth vases and ships, in order to attract money into the home.

Dragon – Dragon is considered as the most auspicious animals as per Chinese zodiac, this creature has a power that can surpass any other. The Dragon’s “Sheng Chi”, a type of cosmic chi which formed or created luck and wealth, will bring good blessings, any home fortune as well as abundance for life. Moreover, family members will feel a new sense of power.

Arowana – It is called the “Golden Dragon Fish”, there is high respect for this fish among Chinese. The reason is its resemblance and similarity to the mighty dragon, it is believed that it brings with it prosperity and money. In the Chinese language, the word used for fish is “yu”; this is same like the word used for “abundance”. The display of Arowana beside the dragon is actually the ultimate symbol of luck and wealth, eternal prosperity and potency.

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There are a lot of suggestions that you can get in Feng Shui beliefs such as plants, fountains, air, salt water cure, light, sound, and color. These are considered to sanitize the energy that the home has and intensify the energy called Chi. There is also an aim to lessen the unhealthy energy called Sha Chi because Chi promotes health.

Putting plants inside the home purifies the air and promotes the positive Chi energy. The plants can be positioned in any place inside the home. The best plants to get are the ones with round leaves which are believed to improve the wealth of the members of the family.

Fountains, on the other hand, are considered as very influential Feng Shui healing treatments. Because water is absolutely the one that supplies us life and we are made out of sixty percent water, it is needed in our bodies to be able to soothe and relax every stress and tension that we encounter everyday. Now that a new year is approaching fast, learn how to get a good start to 2014 with a 2014 forecast. Fountains can also aid people to feel much better and add in dampness to the air which can give out healthy negative ions. Fountains can be placed in any position inside the home, except for the bedroom for it can destroy our good night’s sleep.

Humans need a lot of air in order to breathe every second. To our own bodies, air is similar to an unseen fuel. According to Feng Shui, you must keep the windows open in your workplaces and homes within a few minutes.

There is also another tip called the salt water cure which serves as a purifier that has the ability to capture Sha Chi and improve health. The salt water cure can either be bought in certain stores or created using pilsner glass, six Chinese coins, salt, and water. It can be situated wherever you want to sanitize or improve the energy such as the health zone, love, wealth, or even career zone. However, you must not touch it or displace it a lot. The glass can also begin to form crystals because of the “captured bad energy” and it has to be restored once the larger crystals are built and it has to be put in a preserved storage place.

Humans are completely affected by light. The good light that we encounter everyday is the natural light and the bad light, on the other hand is the light from a flickering fluorescent which has become a huge part of our interiors. Fluorescent light bulbs are now used in corridors, bathrooms, and kitchens because they are less expensive and they tend to last longer than the other kinds of light bulbs. But what people do not know is that they are bad for the health and can cause bipolar swings, dermatitis, fatigue, and even headaches in some individuals. According to Feng Shui, you must remove the fluorescent light bulbs and replace them with regular ones. You also must make a space for natural light to come through your home or workplace.

Another thing that is very vital in our health is sound because they provide a calming and comforting ambience. You can make use of bells, wind chimes, and even indoor water fountains so that the sounds inside the room are pleasant.

Lastly, colors can influence our temper and emotions. For example, the color green is a neutral color while blue is a calming and comforting color. As for the color red, it is a revitalizing and exciting color. If you happen to notice that the rooms inside your home or workplace have the improper colors that you do not even like, then you ought to consider to redecorate your rooms with various colors so that you will feel much better inside your homes or workplaces.

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A toad has a symbol of immortality in Chinese culture. It is used by the Chinese people to attract wealth because money has a vital role in their everyday lives. That is why you should know how to use this good luck charm as well.
Feng Shui Toad

A Feng Shui toad contains three legs, holding one or three coins in its mouth, which is a symbol of money or wealth. There are also some toads that lack coins in their mouths but they contain a slit where you can insert a coin. These toads can be created out of bank note using your very own hands.

Feng Shui toads can be bought in various colors and materials in any Feng Shui talisman shop. When you are choosing a talisman, you must ensure that the toad looks like a real one. You simply have to see that the toad contains three legs instead of only two or four. The finest symbol is the one created out of yellow glimmering metal that looks like gold or it is purely gold.

There is a proper place inside your home for your toad and this is the living room. It can be placed in the left corner slantwise to the door of the home, making it the “power corner.” Another place is close to the front door of the house, which can create an impression that it is coming into your house. Fountains with moving water can also be another place to situate the toad because it can increase your luck with wealth. The frogs must always be placed facing the house and not the opposite or away from it.

There are also improper places that the toad must not be in such as the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. The bedroom is not a good place for the toad because it is believed to fall asleep. As for the toad in the kitchen, the toad will feel hot while in the bedroom, it is going to be soaked. When you place the toad in one of these areas, the calm Yin energy and relaxation will be soaked instead of acquiring good charm and wealth.

If you have a home containing a backyard where some toads reside, you must treat them with respect and kindness. Ancient Chinese people believe that a family of frogs in the backyard is a good sign of success. There is a story behind this that states the toad is evil at first because he used to spat gold coins at people. But when Buddha came, he commanded the toad to help the people and ever since that day, the toad pays for the price for all the troubles that he has caused.

Wherever place you put the toad, it will surely enhance the accurate zone. You must believe in the money frogs as a giver of wealth or else, it will not work on your behalf. There is a need to believe in it wholeheartedly so that you will experience the positive alterations in your finances. Surely, this article has given you information that there are a lot of great improvements using Feng Shui.

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